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Mar 22

In the April 2010 Issue

White House Stops Congress From Investigating Anthrax Cover-up

By George Washington
In a bizarre, Soviet-style move, the White House has threatened to veto the intelligence budget unless everyone accepts the FBI frame up of Dr. Bruce Ivins.

US Military Secures Afghan Opium Harvest

By Elaine Sullivan

The biggest offensive of the Afghanistan War may be one of the biggest lies of the War on Terror. According to the Pentagon, Operation Moshtarak was to be an offensive against Marja — a city of 80,000 people; a city covering more than 80 square miles; a city, according to ABC news, “more heavily populated, urban and dense than other places the Marines have so far been able to clear and hold.” The only problem: There is no city of Marja.

9/11 Truth Goes Primetime

By Sheila Casey
In recent weeks, 9/11 truth has burst into the mainstream media in a way not seen in the nine years since the attacks.

US Readies Cyberwar, Virtual-Flag Terrorism

By Webster Tarpley
Even as Google prepares to shut down its Chinese operations, something larger and more sinister is looming. The US Wall Street-controlled media are gearing up to educate the public about imminent cyberwarfare and cyber-conflict.

Why There Will Be No Recovery

By Chris Nelder
Oil crossed $120 a barrel yet had failed to bring new production online. Regular crude had flat lined around 74 million barrels per day (mbpd). The case for peak oil was looking stronger with every new uptick in crude futures.

Disarmament Disillusion

By Carla Stea
The gargantuan gap between rhetoric and reality is seldom as apparent as it is at the United Nations.

Bush-connected Firm Involved In Opium Production In Marja Afghanistan In 1970s

By wayne Madsen
A Bush family-connected firm, the St. Joe Company, was heavily involved in an irrigation project that provided water to opium-producing fields in southern Afghanistan in the 1970s. The area has recently been reffered to as Marja.

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